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    Build Your Own Custom Set - Perfume Oils

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    When it comes to perfume, you need to trust your instincts. So, get creative and build your own samples from our extensive set of perfume oils.

    Perhaps you want a mix of traditional feminine scents, but you'd like to explore some gender-free or masculine scents too. By building your own custom sets, you can move outside the categories and create a collection of fragrances based on distinct criteria like accords or particular ingredients.

    Finding your signature scent takes time and thoughtful consideration, so if you're not sure if you like woody, amber, or floral perfumes, mix and match perfume oils from our collection to build the sample set of your dreams. Browse our collection of perfume oils of woody, citrusy, gourmand, fresh, earth, and more.

    Many perfume lovers choose to combine scents to create their own unique blends. Sample sets are an inexpensive way to express your creativity by giving you 2ml bottles of your choice to pair with each other.

    Finally, if you want to get a gift for a friend or family member but you're not sure where to start, a set of miniature perfumes will give them a chance to offer their seal of approval before buying a larger bottle.

    Fragrances should be fun and exciting. And what's more fun than exploring the world of scent to find the perfect fragrance to express who you are.

    This set contains 4X2ml of sample perfume oils mentioned above.

    Note-All sample bottles will be labeled to indicate which oil is in them.

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    How To Use+
    Best time to apply :
    Put perfume oil on after you’ve taken a shower or after moisturizing the skin with an odourless lotion -having fresh & clean skin will help the fragrance last longer.
    How to use roller bottle : Jycty perfume oils come in the form of a roll-on stick and are super easy to use. Roll the ball on the perfume stick using your finger to make sure it’s moving correctly before you roll the perfume right onto your skin in the areas where you’d like it.
    We recommend to apply on these pulse points :
    Wrist-the most popular pulse point for perfume is the wrists because your hands move around the most, making it easy to enjoy the smell.
    Inner Elbow-it’s best to rub perfume oil on your inner elbow when you’re wearing an outfit where your arms are uncovered so you'll notice the scent.
    Back Of The Knee-the friction caused when you bend your legs or walk will heat up this part of your leg, making the perfume smell stronger.
    Behind The Ear-applying perfume oil near the ear will create a sense of fusion when you are on the go.
    Note: Since your ears are so close to your face and nose, you'll be more sensitive to the smell if you add too much perfume.
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