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    Discovery Set-Impressions Collection For Men

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    Smelling wonderful and expressing your personality is an excellent way to attract others. But it shouldn't leave you struggling to afford a meal during the dates you'll get. We want people to enjoy the feeling of expensive designer scents, but with an exorbitant price tag.

    Our Impressions Collection For Men contains a mix of masculine scents that offer something for the most rugged or cosmopolitan gentleman. Sauvage is an aromatic Fougere with peppery and slightly floral opening notes complimented by a crisp Sichuan pepper that brings to mind wide open spaces, the blue sky, and the desert sun.

    Green Irish Tweed is a mainstay of male fragrances that never goes out of fashion. A floral, woody musk that recalls the Irish heartlands, this fresh scent deserves its place on the shelf of any hardy yet discerning gentleman. Bleu De Chanel and Straight To Heaven are both woody fragrances that take different paths. Bleu uses fresh notes of citrus, mint, and ginger, while Heaven sprinkles the forest with nutmeg and dried fruit, creating a one-off perfume.

    This set contains 4X2ml of sample perfume oils mentioned above.

    Note-All sample bottles will be labeled to indicate which oil is in them.

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    How To Use+
    Best time to apply :
    Put perfume oil on after you’ve taken a shower or after moisturizing the skin with an odourless lotion -having fresh & clean skin will help the fragrance last longer.
    How to use roller bottle : Jycty perfume oils come in the form of a roll-on stick and are super easy to use. Roll the ball on the perfume stick using your finger to make sure it’s moving correctly before you roll the perfume right onto your skin in the areas where you’d like it.
    We recommend to apply on these pulse points :
    Wrist-the most popular pulse point for perfume is the wrists because your hands move around the most, making it easy to enjoy the smell.
    Inner Elbow-it’s best to rub perfume oil on your inner elbow when you’re wearing an outfit where your arms are uncovered so you'll notice the scent.
    Back Of The Knee-the friction caused when you bend your legs or walk will heat up this part of your leg, making the perfume smell stronger.
    Behind The Ear-applying perfume oil near the ear will create a sense of fusion when you are on the go.
    Note: Since your ears are so close to your face and nose, you'll be more sensitive to the smell if you add too much perfume.